Apps to the Rescue: Better Business Operations are Just a Click Away

When business owners develop a startup, they are inundated with responsibilities. From finding a reliable supply chain to hiring workers and developing a marketing strategy, there is a never-ending to-do list. As with most things, technology can simplify many tasks for business owners. For instance, you can streamline project management tasks with the help of free templates from However, you may find that the simple deployment of technology and apps can give you more time for focusing on other tasks and doing the things you love.

Time-Saving Apps

At the end of the day, the tasks that bog you down most are probably the ones that could benefit from an app intervention. This may include inventory duties, payroll, scheduling, and even customer service interactions. When you use apps for these business functions, you get the benefit of automation and reduce human error, in addition to having more time off.


Scheduling programs like SetMore allow business owners to send reminder emails and calls, as well as offer clients opportunities to set their own appointments, which can save money on manpower.


For artists, connect with Art Galleria to display your work online. This is a terrific way to connect with potential clients, protecting you from using vanity galleries. Online galleries allow hard-working artists to spend more time doing what they love. Indeed, when you use apps to your advantage, you can reclaim a lot of time and even stay on top of your budget better.

Money-Saving Apps

Saving money is necessary to operate your business without headaches. Some apps offer business owners a great deal of savings with little investment. For instance, your business can use apps like Mint to stay on top of expenses and learn creative ways to reduce costs.


If your company has a lot of goods coming and going, a comprehensive inventory program is a great place to start as this can reduce fulfillment issues and boost efficiency overall. Rather than spending countless hours doing manual inventory, you can benefit from a unified system that streamlines the process. An ERP for wholesale distribution saves you precious time, energy, and resources through integrations with several ecommerce platforms, a centralized vendor database, and even mobile barcode scanning.

Social Media Apps

As a business owner, you need to market your products and services. An inexpensive way to market your business is through using social media. By creating a social media presence, you expand your outreach to potential customers and have an easily accessible means of sharing updates, product information, and promotions to help your company grow. Platforms like Hootsuite help you streamline your social media strategy and content in one place, making this a practical investment for all business owners. The greater your online presence, the more access you have to potential customers.


A well-developed website, strong social media strategy, and cutting-edge platforms saving you time and money are just some of the intelligent ways to make technology work for you. It will serve you well, indeed, to have a few in your arsenal.

Cody McBride (Guest Contributor)

Director, Tech Deck


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