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Who We Are And What We Do

We are technical project veterans, who understand that having the right planning, measurement, risk management and execution tools can make all the difference to project (and career) success.

Unhappy with the selection of free tools and frustrated with many gimmicky or “free” proprietary software sites, we banded together to provide free access to invaluable templates such as project profitability calculators, risk registers, Kanban charts and other often proprietary documents to steer Quality, Regulatory and Manufacturing projects to great effect. The concept may be the smartest – or the dumbest – idea, yet. We hope it’s the former.

These templates have been developed and refined over the decades of technical project execution by seasoned Project Management Professionals and are available for easy download to save you time and money. Some templates were not already in our arsenal and these were licensed or custom-developed for a fee. We ask that you consider a small donation with each download to ensure our site carries on for the next generation of Project and Business leaders.

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Chartered Project Management, LLC.

Chicago IL, USA

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